1999 Dodge Dakota RT Motor Swap LY6 LS Style Motor with an 6L90 Transmission. This video is presented by LSDak.com.
Now available - The new gear indicator for swap projects using the 6L80, 6L90 or 8L90 transmission! Easily plugs into your existing OBD-2 port, or available with a quick connection to a new Speartech harness. This allows you to easily see what gear you're in when you're tap shifting with our tap shift switch box, or floor mounted tap shifter!
HOW TO LS SWAP ANY VEHICLE - 5 THINGS YOU NEED -- LS Swap Basics Overview (LONG VERSION)Jovani Dante Griego. LS Swap Wiring is EASY!SniderTron 3000.
Dec 14, 2011 · that swap is no where near 4grand. a lq4 can be had from 600-1300 and junkyards that offer 3month warranty. Couple a tranny with the motor and they go from 1400-1800 together! That includes computer and wire harness. 325-295 is like 30hp. A big difference to most people. The Lq9 are rated at 345 but dyno 355hp.
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So I just picked up a 42k mile CTSV 6L90 I'm going to send off for a 800hp rebuild. How do I flash the TCM to work in my car? Anyone have a stock ZL1 6L90 tune with VIN# they'd like to share to get me moving so I can drive it to my tuner?
Hello from eastern nc. I am new to gmfs. I have a 04 z71 tahoe with a few mods. I have been thinkng of doing a 6.2ls swap.
Jan 02, 2009 · Automatic Overdrive Transmission Swap. This page is all about what I learned after I decided to swap the original TH400 transmission in my 1975 GMC Suburban for a TH700R4 transmission to gain the benefits of a modern overdrive transmission and help tame my "great for towing" 4.11 rear axle gears on the highway.